About Me

Nothing is as beautiful to any one person as achieving their desired form.

Hi there! My name is Teresa. I started my love for corsets at a very young age, however it has been just recently that I have been able to venture into the world of corseting. I have learned to lace them and identify the shape of corsets and their styles. I have even begun to make corsets professionally for others. This website/blog will be my diary of my adventure in corseting. I am currently attempting to reduce my waist through corseting and tight lacing. I will begin by first going through a history of corsets and the medical concerns that are related to corseting and tight lacing. I do hope you will join me in a great adventure into the world of corseting!

This page will be my diary. I’ll log measurements of my waist, hips and underbust mostly and also talk about what I like about the corset I am using at the time.

September 26, 2012

  • Underbust 40″
  • Waist 36″
  • Hips 44″

My current corset is my own handy work and is currently too large for me. I am altering it to fit tighter and will be back to it in a few days.