Tangled Up?

It is always a good thing for a person to love their corset. The health benefits and ego boost are more than enough to get you fired up about them. However I still find people that don’t wear their favorite garments often. This is contributed to mostly one factor. They can’t lace up by themselves! It is frustrating to have a lovely corset that you can only look at because no one is there to “pull your strings”. So here is a list of lacing methods and instructional video links to help those in need. Please note that all lacing methods are not the same and some require reworking your laces to fit the technique. I would suggest trying all methods to find the one that is right for your comfort and convenience.

Bunny Ears:

This technique is one of the easiest methods of self . This is the method I use most often and one of my favorites. With the bunny ears method, your waist is clinched from both the top and bottom at the same time.  Minor adjustments may need to be made to the top-most and bottom-most sections of the corset. The video link I have provided does a great job explaining the process.

Fan Lacing:


More of a time saver than a lacing method; fan laces are a way of lacing your corset quickly by only pulling on two points. This technique is a little more difficult to “pull off” because it requires sewing individual cords to a central belt type lacing point. If you enjoy changing your laces to add color and flair, this may not be the method for you.

Front Lacing:

This technique gives you complete control over the laces, as they will be located on your abdomen. However, to front lace you will need a front lacing corset. As these are not seen very often in the general market, it is best to commission a custom corset.

Traditional Lacing:

The first and most often used method of lacing a corset, I find traditional corset lacing to be the most difficult method. I started out using this concept and was never able to achieve the clinch that I was looking for. However, there is something to be said for the styling. I do love the way a traditional lacing looks!


The videos in this post were provided by Lucy’s Corsetry and related YouTube channels.




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