A Little Support

I use to be one of those people that liked the way my body was. I had great curves and flat front. However, after life events, my body is not longer what I’m use to.

I want to have the features that I did as a girl. Granted that I know I will never get back that perfectly flat tummy and well defined hourglass shape, the desire to have it is still there. I thought on this fact for a long time and then I decided that if I couldn’t have what I wanted in my body shape; I would get as close as possible.

Through diet and exerecise I have gotten thinner but some how I have managed to retain a small amount of roundness near the midsection. That is were corseting comes in. I started wearing them two years ago and sense then I have noticed improvements in my size, posture and the muscle strenght of my lower back.


I can honestly say that corseting has given me that little bit of extra support I needed to be happier, and healthier.


2 thoughts on “A Little Support

  1. Custom fit corsets are usually quite expensive. This is the case whether you are working with a large supplier of corsets or a small mom and pop store. These undergarments do flatter the figure but many women are not going to wear them all the time. Like many other plus size lingerie costumes, they show off the wearer’s curves.

    • Well, you are right on one thing. Custom made corsets are a little more expensive than your basic off the rack corset. However, anyone that can fit into a cookie cutter version of a true corset doesn’t need the extra care that is taken in the construction of a perfect fitting garment. I strive to provide a comfortable product that can be worn for years to come! With higher quality materials and proper care my custom made corsets are more durable and comfortable than OTR corsets.

      Many of my site visitors are those that just want to play out a short fantasy and I accept that. This blog is for those that wish to father explore the wonderful world of true corsetry. Anyone enquiring about custom made corsets will find the many benefits of the superior fit and boning.

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