Adventures In Corsetry

If you are looking for a great way to reduce your waist or solve a back probelm, corseting is a great way to accomplish these goals! I believe in the power of a restriction device that not only helps your posture, but also reduces the amount of space that your body has to store unwanted fat. Of couse, adding healthy eating and exercise always help the process along!

When choosing a corset, you must make sure that the corset will fit you in not only the waist but also the hips and bust. Because a corset is meant to restrict the body and make it smaller, this can be confusing. There are those that can wear any off the rack corset with no problem and others that can not. If you choose to buy any off the rack corset, take time to try it on in the store. You really want to see how it feels on you. When you, sit does it cut into your thights? Can you breath comfortably? Do you become hot quickly when wearing the corset? These are the main problems that most people run into when wearing a corset or waist training.

Corsets are meant to be worn for long hours and often. It is my suggestion to seek out a professional corset maker, such as myself. A corset that is made for you and you alone has the advantage of form fitting you your body completely, as they are designs from the pattern up to your body measurements. I have worn off the rack corsets in the past and there was always a degree of discomfort while I was wearing them. Sometimes the corset would be hard to close even with the lacing all the way out or it would fit perfectly in the waist and be to loose in the bust or to tight in the hips.

A custom made corset is best!


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